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Bumski's Mobile Beer & Wine Bar is a turn-key bartending solution for your outdoor event. We have a Connecticut liquor license, $2.0 MM alcohol liability insurance coverage and TIPS® certified bartenders ready to serve any brand beer, wine, cider or liquor you desire. 

Since 2016, Bumski's has been offering alcohol at events as large as 20,000 people to small weddings/parties of 100.  We are available for private parties and large public events anywhere in Connecticut. Bumski's insists on responsible alcohol consumption at all events.

Please select "Contact Us" from the homepage menu for more information on services, availability and rates.

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     Our Services

Mobile Beer & Wine Bar

Mobile Beer & Wine Bar


Bumski's Mobile Beer & Wine Bar is a 20-foot refrigerated trailer-turned-bar, which can hold up to 25 half kegs and has eight beer taps and two wine taps. The mobile bar can serve a large selection of beer, wines and specialty cocktails to thousands of people. With so many alcohol offerings, the mobile bar is perfect for both small and large events where you want to impress your guests.


Beer Wagon

Beer Wagon


The newest addition to the Bumski's family is our Beer Wagon. This van is equipped for fun. It's able to carry up to a dozen half kegs and pour five different beers at a time. Hurry up and book it for your next block party, beach get together or family reunion.


Mobile Bartending Menu

Mobile Bartending Menu


Bumski's mobile bartending can be your turn-key solution for indoor events too! Let us handle the permit, license and insurance and use your personalized alcohol menu to make your party a success.




Bumski's is fired up to make your party over the top, but you need to contact us for availability, rates and details so we can lock in the fun. Please include the potential date and duration of your event, estimated number of people, location of the event and desired services (beer & wine only or beer/wine/mixed drinks). Thank you for considering us for your event, we look forward to hearing from you! 


Why the name Bumski’s? 

“My father was born in Poland, came


North America and had seven kids. He relished the time to sit back

and just enjoy the company of

friends and family

with a

“schnort of vodka” and “pimple on a beer”.

His term of endearment for the five boys was a

“Bunch of Bumski’s.” 

So, in dedication to Wiktor (Victor for us Americans),

Bumski’s Mobile Bar

was founded to help you have those special times

to chill,

have a drink and enjoy your company.” 



- Jamie czajkowski, Bumski's founder