Bumski's is fired up to make your party over the top, but you need to contact us for availability, rates and details so we can lock in the fun. Please include the potential date and duration of your event, estimated number of people, location of the event and desired services (beer & wine only or beer/wine/mixed drinks). Thank you for considering us for your event, we look forward to hearing from you! 


Why the name Bumski’s? 

“My father was born in Poland, came


North America and had seven kids. He relished the time to sit back

and just enjoy the company of

friends and family

with a

“schnort of vodka” and “pimple on a beer”.

His term of endearment for the five boys was a

“Bunch of Bumski’s.” 

So, in dedication to Wiktor (Victor for us Americans),

Bumski’s Mobile Bar

was founded to help you have those special times

to chill,

have a drink and enjoy your company.” 



- Jamie czajkowski, Bumski's founder